It was a slightly surreal moment when I accidentally found myself switching to ITV1 HD on Saturday night and finding Myleen Klass introducing Popstar to Opera Star.

I have no issues with anyone trying to sing opera: tough stuff to master, I’d say. The problem for me was not the concept but one of the contestants. Eight ‘celebrities’ appear, and seven can at least claim with a degree of confidence that they have been pop stars, but one of them definitely cannot.

Step forward Mr Joe McEldrey. Take a bow.

Joe won the X Factor in 2009. He had the Christmas number one off the back of it. Again, i have no problem with the cynical manipulation of the charts by Mr S Cowell & Co – it business, isn’t it? But what happened to Joe Mc next is rather sad and stupid.

The Great British Public (GBP) voted for Joe. They bought his record, and it sounded like the Joe they’d voted for. Then came the next single. Cowell & Co had managed to take a reasonably talented lad with a distinctive voice and turn him into an anonymous-sounding pop clone. GBP did not vote to hear that shite! Here’s a link – – I can’t be bothered to embed it! Sounds a bit Jimmy Sommerville, to me. I’m told the album is equally crap, but I haven’t heard it. Next, Cowell dropped McEldrey from his label.

So what we have is Joe McEldrey, wannabe pop star, now trying to resurrect a non-existent career by going on Popstar to Opera Star.

But he never was one.

If he pulls it off he may rightly claim to have super powers.