So far I’ve held off commenting on the wide-spread public disorder that swept England a couple of weeks ago, but now I feel I have to speak out.

Could the pinkie-liberals (PLs) who think that the sentencing in the courts is excessive, kindly step forward so that they can be publicly humiliated and ridiculed?

Who cares that a man who stole £3.50 worth of bottled water gets banged up for a few months? The excuse given by the PLs is that he only took it after the shop had been ransacked. That a bit like saying that it’s OK to steal the wallet of a man who’s already been robbed, when he’s lying there on the floor, or that the last one in on a gang rape is less guilty than the first,”… ´cos it was the others what started it, innit!”

It’s totally flawed logic.


So what, if two men get four years for incitement via Facebook? The moral of the story is this: if you can’t do the time, don’t act like a pillock. The sentences should be tough, that way others may think twice before destroying lives and property.

Enough said.