Last Friday I went Zombie hunting in Glasgow. No, not after closing time, but in the middle of the afternoon.

St George’s Square had been transformed from a normal British city centre to the streets of Philadelphia, USA for the filming of World War Z – a zombie movie starring Brad Pitt. Barriered off as it was, it was difficult to see much of what was going on, but this picture will give you a clue – not a lot.

Note how, in this next shot, the local street sign has been blocked out, ready for digital trickery, later on –

Two days earlier the crew had been filming car crashes and there was much excitement in the city. However, on 26 August, they were down to shooting a few crowd scene. Once I’ve sorted out the video editing, I may post a little of it here, just to give a flavour – if it’s any good, that is.

Even the main star – Brad Pitt, had left the city, destined for Paris, we were told. Imagine then, the disappointment of the two ladies who rushed up to me, asking for my autograph!

“Sorry ladies, Brad Pitt’s gone away. I am not he.”

I could understand their error, of course …