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Jonathan Pinnock Versus the Probing Questions

Writing Posted on Thu, September 15, 2011 06:30:21

Today, by way of a departure from the normal “what I did on my holidays” type of blog entry, I bring to you an interview with the one and only, the inimitable and the very talented, Jonathan Pinnock, author of Mrs Darcy Versus the Aliens.

Please click THIS LINK to access it.

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Writing Posted on Mon, May 09, 2011 21:25:13

Everyone said join, and I resisted. But for no longer. Now I am @kj_bennett and after only a few hours I have FOLLOWERS. Now I’m beginning to feel all important.


Jesus had them. Now I know how he felt – except for the crucifixion bit, that is.

A publication of interest

Writing Posted on Sat, February 05, 2011 20:48:33

It’s time to order the remarkable The Archangel and The White Hart. This book is an anthology of new writing from Verulam Writers’ Circle. Expertly edited by Jonathan Pinnock, it is hot off the press this week. Amongst the numerous featured authors is moi!!!! Yes, Chapter 1 of Pike’s Quest got through the selection process and is in print. I just need a fully fledged publisher to print the other 58,000 words and I will have achieved one of my ambitions in life!

You can purchase a copy of this incredible tome from HERE

It will soon be available via the VWC website and Amazon, or you can order it through your local book seller using ISBN 978-1-4467-9069-4. It will also be on sale at the Verulam Writers’ Circle Get Writing 2011 event at the University of Hertfordshire.

A pressie

Writing Posted on Mon, January 31, 2011 21:24:45

It’s probably a bit late to talk about early Christmas presents,– or too early, dependant on which Christmas you’re talking about, I suppose. Anyway, I got one.

Back in those exciting times of November 2010, I had to replace the desktop monitor with a sizable beast. The old square thing had died and now it was time to upgrade to something that could accommodate a games console as well as a PC. This involved a massive tidy-up session of the desk that took the best part of two days. Various things came out of it –

– I managed to clear loads of junk and dust;

– Lots of old bills got shredded (gosh, hope we paid them all);

– Several plug sockets were reclaimed when I removed a few needless peripheral items from the desk, and

– I found a 3.5 inch floppy diskette.

It was the last item that got me most excited. Several years ago I wrote a novel (60,000 words, approx) on an old Windows 98 system. Before it finally died I backed up all of my data to a series of CD Roms. When I got a new PC I installed all that data onto it. Well, I would have done, had it not been for the fact that the CDs had corrupted and about half of it was missing, including that novel and another of 108,000 words.

I had loads of floppy disks but, of course, PC manufacturers stopped supplying floppy drives. Years passed and I always intended to get myself an external drive to search through those dread disks. Last year I got one – £10 including postage. And I looked through about 50 of those damned floppy things. My wife insisted I buy her some earplugs, as they are so noisy to load. I found five versions of the 108,000 novel, but the disk that had the 60,000 one had … yes, it had corrupted. ARGGGHHHHHH!

And then it was tidy-up time. Hiding in the dust behind the desk was my last hope. A diskette, simply labelled “Sage”. To prevent any more of this dramatic tension from causing you palpitations, I will tell you now: it had a full copy of the missing novel.

There’s probably a moral to this story that says something like “Ensure you have a back-up strategy”, and if you take that from this tale, I’m pleased for you. What I shall take from it is this: my 60,000 word masterpiece was more piece than master, and it needs a complete rewrite. Had I bothered to read the paper copy I had in storage sooner I would have realised that the electronic copy was of limited use. It’s a good story, poorly written. Yes, some bits are usable, but the majority is stilted, pompous, over-written and poorly punctuated.

The rewrite starts very soon.

A Grand Success

Writing Posted on Fri, November 26, 2010 19:49:55

The Verulam Writers’ Circle Open Mic Night at The Goat, St Albans (25 November 2010) was a roaring success. I lost count of the number of readers who led us through laughter, tears, tears of laughter and beyond

Superbly organised by Susan K Franklin, and (almost obscenely) compared by Mandy Knight, this is a success that will doubtless be repeated in the years ahead. I videoed the night and here, for your delight, is me …


Open Mic – 25/11/2010

Writing Posted on Sat, November 20, 2010 12:25:34

Here’s an event you shouldn’t miss:

On 25 November 2010, at the Goat Inn, 37 Sopwell Lane, St Albans, AL1 1RN, Verulam Writers’ Circle is holding an open mic night. There will be numerous readers – including me – each taking a three minute slot to delight and impress the audience. The full range of readers is astounding; there will be many published and unpublished authors amongst them.

If you like reading or like beer – or if you like reading and beer – be there!

A posting about posting woes

Writing Posted on Fri, September 17, 2010 21:57:13

I was feeling chipper: after a lengthy period of not sending anything out to agents, during which time I thoroughly honed my skills in negative thinking, I sent out four submissions of Pike’s Quest. It was slightly different this time, as I had done some revision to chapter 1, and my query letter is better than it ever has been. Then today, the smug grin dropped when I indulged in this e-mail exchange:

Dear Kevin Bennett,
We received at our offices a manuscript submission for Pike’s Quest addressed to Mr X at the of The Agency That Isn’t Our Agency – presumably a mailing mix-up.
What would you like us to do with your manuscript?Best …
Dear Agency That Isn’t The Agency on the letter,
My apologies for the very unprofessional mix-up. I must assume that the Agency That Isn’t The Agency on the letter have your copy!
If you are not too put off by my error, could you arrange of the submission to be read, please?
Thanks in anticipation

Not a problem – and of course someone here will take a look.

Dear Agency That Isn’t The Agency on the letter,
Thank you very much. Now I’m off home to perfect my envelope filling skills.

An inventive way to write a book

Writing Posted on Sat, September 11, 2010 19:47:17

Follow this link –

Damned cheek, if you ask me.

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