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Getting there …

Media Posted on Thu, March 04, 2010 20:23:27

OK, some video has been recorded, but it’s all against me. The desktop PC is on the blink, I can’t transfer video onto the laptop from the video camera, and trying to use a web cam to record onto the laptop causes lots of dropped frames – stuttery video, to the uninitiated.

But I do, by a miracle, have some video of the first part of Pike. I will try to edit it and get it onto KJB-TV ASAP.

Also coming soon, some pics and a short review of the Seth Lakeman gig at the Alban Arena – 3 March 2010.

Coming Soon …

Media Posted on Fri, February 26, 2010 22:14:33

I’ve been quiet on here this week for two reasons –

1: I’ve been dealing with an official body, appointed by the Home Office, which doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing. I find this very draining, and

2: I’ve been creating KJB-TV.


It’s a page featuring video clips of readings, maybe the odd novelty item, and any other thing that tickles my fancy.

KJB-TV: it’s coming to the website, soon.

What a Carry On

Media Posted on Mon, February 22, 2010 16:41:30

Is just me, or was Lady Gaga trying to emulate the Barbara Windsor, 1960s Carry On look at the Brit Awards, last week?