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Pike’s Quest, the next part

Pike's Quest Posted on Fri, September 16, 2011 20:40:08

So, after my recent in-depth interview with Jonathan Pinnock, he of Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens fame, it’s back to business as usual on Bennett’s Blog. Yes: back to totally inane and boring drivel!

NO – back to Pike’s Quest. The latest part is now up and ready to read. So what are you waiting for?

Also. One thing the interview taught me was that the current blog software (supplied for free by my web hosts) isn’t very flexible, hence I had to link to an external webpage. So I’m going to have to sort out a new blog, dammit.

Watch this space.

The serialisation continues

Pike's Quest Posted on Tue, June 28, 2011 21:33:13

Pike’s Quest is truly underway. He can be found HERE. So far I have reached Part 5, which takes us to the end of chapter3. That is to say: it takes us to the end of what, in the printed form, would be chapter 3.

You see, in order to serialise Pike I’ve had to hack out some rather amusing segments simply because they would be too long for the web. As it is, part 5 is nearly 1500 words, and I am advised that 700-800 is the optimum length for on line digestion. Sadly, I have left out chapter 2 in its entirety: thus several very humorous scenes are lost to the reader.

Still, I think it works without it.

However, it raises a question: received wisdom states that if a scene doesn’t move on a story it should be left out. I agree, mostly. But what if the scene just happens to be hilarious? What if it shows more of the character?

The jury is still out.

Anyway: is the place to be. Fun awaits you there. Keep it company.

Pike’s Quest on the web!!!

Pike's Quest Posted on Sat, June 18, 2011 10:26:15

Last week I commenced my online serialisation of Pike’s Quest at .

Starting with a feature-length instalment (the whole of chapter one) on Sunday, I then continued with a more ‘bite-sized’ offering from chapter 2. I think these 700-800 word segments are more user friendly and can even be read on a short commute to work on a smart phone.

Instalment No 3 will be posted on Monday or Tuesday.

Why am I doing this? Look here to find out.