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Publishing Posted on Fri, March 25, 2011 21:37:42

With new content, sundry items and more graphics, not to mention a warm feel, my website is revamped. Pay it a visit.

How does one become solicited?

Publishing Posted on Wed, February 17, 2010 18:49:47

In my trawl of the web to find any publishers who will accept submissions from authors, I found a publisher that would be ideal for ‘Pike’s Quest’. I won’t name them, as they don’t accept “unsolicited proposals”. They will accept submissions from agents and writers already known to them.

Well, I thought, they don’t know me, so perhaps I should introduce myself – how else will they get to know me? Using their contact form, I sent this:

Dear XXX

I want you to publish me but you don’t want to hear from me unless I already know you – or you know me. Well I don’t/you don’t, so I’m stuffed – UNLESS you want to get to know me via my website. Take it as a formal introduction

Read the biog and read the stuff about Pike’s Quest. I really think you should see the manuscript and sign me!


Amazingly, I got a reply the following day:

Hi Kevin

Thanks for getting in touch. As you will have seen on our Submissions page (I seem to recall it’s the first sentence on there) we’re not open to unsolicited proposals. This is an unsolicited proposal…


Of course, I already knew this, hence my introductory message, so I responded with this:


Dear XXX,

Thanks for your response – it is more than I thought I’d get. We’ll have to agree to disagree – this is not an unsolicited proposal, it is an unsolicited introduction in the hope that your army of [readers] will solicit a proposal. Ah well, hope fades …




I await a further response, but I fancy it may take a while.


Publishing Posted on Tue, February 16, 2010 19:48:43

Great, I’ve just found details of a real publisher that will accept submissions, and provide full details of how to submit at this link – SNOWBOOKS – I was so impressed to find a company with a reasonable attitude that I feel duty bound to mention them here, regardless of whether they reject me or accept me.smiley

It is Writ in Blood

Publishing Posted on Thu, February 04, 2010 21:31:17

Someone on the VWC web forum asked me why the header on my web pages looks like it is ‘writ in blood’. The reason is this:

Metaphor – I’m sweating blood trying to get published!